Building a gypsum factory? Advice and Recommendations

Presented at Global Gypsum Conference 2016 by Robert Morrow

Building a gypsum board factory can be complicated! There are many decisions to make regarding the location of the plant, the conditions and expectations in the local market, the size, layout and scalability of the plant, the technology of the equipment (calciner, mixing, dryer), the options for equipment suppliers, the intended scope of board products you will produce and many others. 3 keys to success are discussed including planning, resources and process. Aspects of capital cost, customer service capability and operating costs that are established during the design phase will affect the business for years to come and a critical review at this point will yield a more successful business in the long run.

This document is available as a 37 page slide presentation.

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Robert Presenting at GGC2016

Robert Presenting at GGC2016

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