Gypsum Lab Services - R&D, Analysis and Testing

Innogyps operates a full gypsum lab facility. We can crush, grind and mill rock, dry FGD, calcine to stucco or plaster and make lab-scale board samples. We provide end-to-end lab process and analysis services that duplicate full-scale manufacturing principles to provide fast and cost-effective information to plant operators, new product developers and suppliers to the global gypsum industry. Our lab services are available on a sample basis or as part of a long term project, depending on the scope of our customer’s needs.

Lab Gypsum Board

Gypsum Board Research, Formulation and Testing

Using ASTM C473 or EN 520 test methods, we can test lab scale fire resistance, nail pull resistance, flexural strength, board core structure, impact resistance, humidified deflection and more for various R&D compositions or formulations. We benchmark lab samples, plant trial samples or commercial boards from around the world.

Natural and Synthetic Gypsum Analysis

Natural Rock and FGD Gypsum Testing

We analyze gypsum samples including rock, FGD and other byproduct gypsum.

Stucco and Plaster Quality

Stucco and Plaster Quality Testing

We measure the quality of stucco / plaster including chemical composition, impurities, water demand, grind, rehydration and strength.

Nail Pull Trend

Gypsum Board Plant Support - Process and Cost Optimization

Using a combination of lab measurements and plant process results we optimize performance and reduce costs to the industry's best practice.

A complete list of in-house lab capability and equipment is available here.

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