Lightweight Gypsum Board - Properties and Globalization

Presented at Global Gypsum Conference 2016

Lightweight gypsum board is propagating through the world gypsum markets but what are the benefits and drawbacks? Since the USG Boral joint venture in 2013, the gypsum market globally began to change as a result of North American technology influences now entering Asia and other new markets. Most of the product development of "ultralight" boards revolved around passing nail pull specifications at reduced weight but this test isn't relevant in all markets and often regional products require different thicknesses.

Typical test performance, assessments of standard specifications and benefits of lightweight boards including ergonomics, productivity, gypsum board manufacturing cost, gypsum freight cost, product differentiation and gypsum selling price are all considered and discussed. Who has the lightest gypsum board in each market region? What are probable development improvements to future generations of lightweight gypsum board? What alternative product strategies are used in other international markets?

This document is available as a 37 page slide presentation.

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Presenting at GGC2016

Presenting at GGC2016

Lightweight Gypsum Benefits

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