Gypsum Experts

Robert Morrow Gypsum Expert

Robert Morrow

Owner and President of Innogyps, Robert Morrow has an undergraduate degree in commerce and is a Chartered Accountant with 28 years of experience in the gypsum industry. Robert has operation experience in supply chain and mining, business strategy and leadership development.

Mark Flumiani Gypsum Expert

Mark Flumiani

Mark Flumiani is a Project Manager at Innogyps with 12+ years' experience in the gypsum industry having worked with numerous clients on technical gypsum projects. He is a member of ASTM C11 and participates in developing gypsum standards. Mark has a BSc in Chemical Physics.

Bob Bruce Gypsum Expert

Dr. Bob Bruce

Founder of Innogyps, retired

Innogyps also has access to a global network of professionals with gypsum expertise. Each work phase in a project may require specific additional expertise that can be utilized as needed.

Support Staff

Aaron Moxley Gypsum Expert

Aaron Moxley

Aaron Moxley is a Lab Technician at Innogyps with 7 years' experience in the gypsum industry and an additional 13 years' experience in various manufacturing, industrial and lab environments. Aaron has a diploma in Environmental Technology.

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