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Innogyps is the preferred source of business, technical, research & development and testing services and advice regarding the gypsum industry. Innogyps provides confidential consulting services that include: developing business strategy, preparing business plans, assessing and developing mines, evaluating and developing products, market and technological knowledge for manufacturers of gypsum products and input sourcing. With a fully functioning R&D lab, Innogyps tests raw materials and finished products and develops new products and process technology. Innogyps also provides process and technical support for factories to assist with operations improvement initiatives.

Operating from its office/laboratory just 40 minutes west of Toronto, Canada in the Hamilton Technology Centre, Innogyps has connections with a number of universities and has access to international airports in Toronto and Buffalo. Access to computer/internet, engineering/technical and marketing services from this location is world class in every respect.

We value our Integrity, draw on our clients’ Trust and celebrate their success with Humility. With our years of industry and technical knowledge, research, development and testing experience, and business insight, we help clients creatively solve problems and grow in the gypsum Industry.

Our typical clients include:

  • Companies that currently produce or want to produce gypsum board
  • Companies that currently produce or want to produce plaster
  • Companies that supply chemical additives to the gypsum industry
  • Companies that supply paper liners and fiberglass mats to the gypsum industry
  • Companies that supply gypsum process equipment and factories
  • Inventors of new gypsum products or processes
  • Gypsum mine operators or byproduct producers
  • Market analysts and investors in the gypsum industry

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