Understanding the Gypsum Market

Developing your Marketing Plan

Your Marketing Plan sets out the aspiration of how your company proposes to evolve in the context of the market(s) the business competes in. It describes the Market Environment that your business exists within and the components of your marketing strategy setting out the approach to marketing and selling your products in the Market Environment.

A list of known gypsum board producer companies is available here.

Marketing Environment

The documentation of the overall environment the business operates in includes a description, analysis and forecasts for the drivers that influence demand for the products, the competitors who compete in the marketplace, the customers who purchase the products together and the other influences or influencers on each of the individuals in the market. The description in many cases describes the current state of being. The analysis and forecast provide information such as shares, strengths and weaknesses of participants, opportunities and threats of the current of future environment, assessment of individual participant strategy and future direction.

Market and Product Positioning

The future of your business starts with identifying your brand strategy and how you propose to promote it, current and future products, target customers, route to market and pricing approach. The development of your approach includes a multi-phase analysis of the market environment above and desired positioning to determine an appropriate plan for position you brand and products to achieve realistic expectations.

Examples of past work include:
How Manufacturers Compete
How Manufacturers Compete

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