Gypsum Testing

Are you thinking of building a gypsum board plant and need to evaluate your gypsum supply? Are you an existing manufacturer who is considering a different supply of gypsum? Want to start using FGD but do not know where to start?

At Innogyps’ laboratory we analyze any gypsum for many purposes including:



Even small amounts of some impurities in gypsum can cause issues with processing equipment and future product performance in gypsum board or plasters. Unknown composition represents a liability risk.


We can test both natural rock and byproduct gypsum using chemical mineral analysis to determine the gypsum quality and what impurities are present. Tests for composition of risk may include evaluations of radioactivity, respirable silica, asbestos contamination, S8 elemental sulfur ("chinese drywall" issue), VOCs, mercury, lead or other toxic compounds.
The processes of evaporating water and grinding have high energy costs An optimum efficiency can be achieved in product quality while minimizing costs of operation.  We can dry gypsum that has free water and can crush and grind gypsum to powder.  We can also measure grindability and hardness.


Crystal size, shape and aspect ratio can contribute to materials handling behaviors and calcination efficiency


We can measure gypsum powders for particle size distribution using laser diffraction or sieve analysis and can analyze crystal properties using optical or scanning electron microscopy (SEM).  
Can our gypsum source be used to produce gypsum board or plaster? Using our lab scale calcination equipment and our ability to make lab gypsum board samples, we can evaluate what is possible. Acid insoluble residue, SO3 content, chloride content and insoluble anhydrite AII-u content are often requested.
We need information to develop a plan for a mine or quarry Our preparation and analysis of core or borehole samples can help to determine the most efficient use of the deposit. 
We need a source of FGD We have many contacts with the power producers and can help to arrange access to a cost effective source.

We perform many of our measurements in house but with 7 universities nearby, we are also able to outsource specialized analysis such as radioactivity, mercury and S8 content at competitive rates.

FGD Gypsum Crystals
FGD Crystals
Combined Water Repeatability
Combined Water Repeatability

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