Buying Gypsum - Contracts and Logistics

FGD to Gypsum Board Logistics in North America
FGD to Gypsum Board Logistics in North America

Supply Chain Strategy

The Supply Chain in a gypsum business is critical to its success. The gypsum industry has a very short cycle time from raw material to final product installation in a low value high volume product. Security of Supply, Quality and Cost are critical requirements in the industry otherwise success becomes much more of a random variable.

The identification of the key components of the Supply Chain, their active analysis and management and improvement projects aimed at getting the system better make up much of the Supply Chain Strategy.

Implementing the Supply Chain Plan

Knowing what to make, where to store it and how to get it to customers in order to meet the agreed on Service Charter are key to a successful Supply Chain. The keys to a great Supply Chain involve analytical planning, procurement of both key ingredients and ancillary inputs, great logistics services and a functioning system of structures and measures. All of these items need to be functioning to meet the needs of the suppliers, manufacturers and customers or the inherent conflicts between the members of the supply chain will require costly energy to fix.

Contract Negotiation & Relationship Management

Medium to long term supply agreements between suppliers and manufacturers are needed to meet both parties` needs for stability. Producers and consumers have built in requirements for security and are thus inherently interested in a longer term agreement, The relationships tend to have a high volume of low value contacts that call out for standardization and protocols that calls out Frequent meetings to agree solutions to irritants and build on efficiencies that favour both participants.

Examples of past work include:
Supply Chain Systems
Supply Chain Systems

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