Gypsum Growth Does Not Equal Success

Presented at Global Gypsum 2012 by Bob Bruce PhD

In the midst of a housing crisis in the United States and an economic slowdown underway globally, there is still a lot of growth happening in gypsum around the world. Overall there were many reasons for this growth - economics, demographics, emerging middle class, technology change, new product applications, to name a few.

But growth does not necessarily mean success in gypsum. In the past few years there have been several factory closures in North America and spending cuts in all mature markets. USG has let go over 4500 people and moved out of Europe. Lafarge has moved their cash out of gypsum and back into cement. Temple-Inland has been bought by International Paper and operates under constraints.

This document is available as a 7 page report and a 35 page slide presentation.

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