Gypsum Phase Analysis Test Method

Gypsum phase analysis is a gravimetric analytical test that is common in the gypsum industry.  The test uses known properties of the different hydrous or anhydrous forms of calcium sulfate to determine what phases exist within a given measured sample.  Specifically, phase analysis measures for the different percentage composition of gypsum, hemihydrate, soluble anhydrite, free water and other impurities in a powdered sample.   This test is used in quality control for natural gypsum, synthetic gypsum, plasters products and gypsum board stucco.

Innogyps has prepared a technical document which describes the steps involved in performing the lab test measurement and derives the formulaic results from first principal calculations.  The purpose of this document is to help someone like a gypsum mill manager or quality control professional understand the specifics of the test, how it is performed and how the results are calculated.

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Phase Analysis 1
Phase Analysis 2

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