Rapid Stucco Phase Analysis

Tired of waiting 3 days for your gypsum phase analysis results? What if you could have them in 1 hour?

The Rapid Stucco Phase Analyzer is a new method of analyzing phase properties of a stucco (plaster) sample. Conventional methods use techniques such as gravimetric or x-ray diffraction, the Stucco Analyzer uses a unique combination of calorimetry and gravimetric. Through extensive modeling of the heat release that occurs when stucco is mixed with water, Innogyps has developed a system that can accurately analyze a stucco sample for phase properties. And the best part? The entire test is completed in under an hour!

How does it compare to current results?
The Stucco Analyzer provides results in the format of: % Free Water, % Hydratable Material, % Gypsum, and % Other. Additionally, when testing stucco samples that have similar properties (ex: gypsum source, particle size, impurities) the Stucco Analyzer can be calibrated to distinguish between % Soluble Anhydrite and % Hemihydrate.
In a 9 sample comparison between the Stucco Analyzer and gravimetric results, it was found that the Stucco Analyzer had a smaller variance, and that the average difference between the two methods was only 0.5%!

What is the reliability?
In order to determine the reliability, a single stucco sample was tested 5 times under the same conditions. The temperature profiles of all five tests are shown on the graph to the right. It was found that the variance for the RSPA tests was lower than the variance for gravimetric tests for all categories except % Other, where it was comparable. Based on this result, if you are currently relying on gravimetric results, you can equally rely on Stucco Analyzer results.

How difficult is the test procedure?
The test procedure is simple to perform. Besides the Stucco Analyzer apparatus, only a small quantity of stucco and water are required. There are no other consumables, the entire apparatus is reusable. Additionally, the vessel and stir bar are easily cleaned with water. The initial start up requires less than 5 minutes, and once started the test requires no observation until completion, 40 minutes later. A moisture balance test will also be required during this time.
Once the test has finished, the data and moisture balance results are loaded into the provided analysis software. The analysis results are then displayed and are saved into a database for future lookup. The software is user friendly and can run on most pc based computer systems.

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Screen shot of the Stucco Analyzer test results
Screenshot of the Stucco Analyzer test results
Stucco Analyzer Flyer

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