Market Dynamics Impacting FGD Gypsum Usage

Presented at World of Coal Ash Conference 2007 by Bob Bruce PhD

NOTE The information in this report is current as of 2007.  Recent legislation has changed some aspects of the topics discussed. Many details are still relevant and a future update is pending.

Use of FGD Gypsum has begun to level off at a time when an unprecedented number of FGD scrubbers are coming online.  The Clean Air Interstate Rule has encouraged a build up in new gypsum wallboard capacity to use the FGD Gypsum that will be produced; this being a trend similar to that observed prior to 2000 as a result of the Clean Air Act.  This time, however, the wallboard market is in decline.  This paper will discuss the market factors impacting on further growth of FGD Gypsum for use in wallboard and cement, as well as the impact of mercury abatement and climate change programs on synthetic gypsum supply and demand.  Recommendations for continued growth in FGD Gypsum utilization rates are made.

This document is available as a 14 page report and a 39 page slide presentation.

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