Global Gypsum Growth

Presented at MixBuild-2011 Conference by Bob Bruce PhD

The gypsum industry has been growing at a rate faster than GDP and population growth for decades, with this likely to continue for decades to come. About 1.5 billion people are currently taking advantage of modern gypsum based building systems. There is a growing middle class of about 3 billion people globally that is just now starting to realize the benefits of this construction method. There is an evolution underway of market development, product range and performance and manufacturing technology.  This represents a major opportunity for business development at minimal risk.

Innogyps has experience in all global markets and has worked in all areas from mine to market.

Bob Bruce, President of Innogyps, recently gave a paper in Moscow outlining why gypsum products will continue to grow in use around the world.

This document is available as an 8 page report and a 40 page slide presentation.

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Developed markets are now working on new products, product performance and cost reduction.

Developing markets need to understand the basic gypsum technology and how to use it to grow their business in a cost effective manner.

Future markets need to prepare for the inevitable growth that will come down the road.

Innogyps has helped companies from all market stages outpace their competition. To see what we would recommend for your company, contact us to discuss how we can help grow your business.

Global Gypsum Growth Mixbuild 2011
Global Gypsum Growth Low Cost

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